Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TweetChat Tutorial: How to participate in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Party.

Each week I have the privilege of getting to participate in weekly #clothdiapers chats on twitter and each week I post reminder's that "It's Monday night!  Time for the #clothdiapers chat!"  So many of you are able to participate and so many of you want to but just don't know how.

Recently I made a Youtube Video/Slideshow explaining how to use TweetChat to participate in a Twitter Party or Twitter Chat but since not everyone can watch videos I figured I'd do a photo tutorial/explanation as well.

First thing you'll do (assuming you have a Twitter acct) is go to Tweetchat.com.
Next, you will log in to your Twitter Acct through TweetChat.  You do not have to sign up for anything and they do not have access to your password.  You sign in and grant access.
After you're logged in to your Twitter Acct via TweetChat you will have the chance to enter your #hashtag in the box at the top of the screen.  The Hashtag is going to filter out every other thing on twitter and only show you tweets that have that same attached hashtag.  For the purpose of this tutorial I used the #clothdiapers hashtag.  For Twitter parties you'll want to use the designated hashtag for that party.
After entering the #clothdiapers Hashtag you'll see the most recent posts using that hashtag as well as any live tweets using it, in real time.
Now when you type a tweet it, TweetChat will automatically attach the hashtag that you specified to it.  You will then see your Tweets appearing in the list of tweets before you.
If the tweets are moving too fast for you to keep up then you can adjust your refresh speed as seen in the photo above.
Next thing you need to notice is that your tweets and any tweets that are directed to you or in reply to you will be highlighted and will stand out from the rest of the tweets.  (see photo above)
Lastly, you should know that you can "star" important tweets so that you can go back and respond later.  Or in the event someone shared a link that you want to check out, etc you will easily be able to find them.  Next to the "star" you will also see a way to respond/reply to a person's tweet or to "retweet" a tweet that you like.

These are the basics of participating in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Party.  If you plan on attending a Twitter Party and never have before then I suggest you try a couple Twitter Chats first.  Cloth Diaper Twitter Chats are Monday nights, every week, at 9:00pm eastern.

Have any questions?  Feel free to contact me by commenting here or on my FaceBook Page.  I hope to see you on Twitter soon!

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